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Positioning the brand and starting a new brand communication.

UPTOBE This Cover You

About the brand

UPTOBE is a brand that has been in the outerwear industry for several years, with a good distribution all over Italy. The items are of excellent workmanship, but the brand awareness is rather weak. 


Creatively, the brand has been held down by the wholesale, that during the years have been choosing, among the wide offer of the brand, the most classic-designed items and the ones with the most basic colors.


The creative unsatisfaction caused by the wholesale can find its cure in the direct engagement of the final consumer. 

The goal

To build a brand which is able to be relevant to the final consumer.

The goal

Find the most efficient way to present the brand to the Italian market as trustable.


2020 was the pandemic year; thus, in order to position an outerwear brand, we had to imagine unthinkable scenarios. How will we face normal life again? Which desires and fears will a consumer have, after months of lockdown and social distancing?

The target customer

The perfect customer for Fielmann is who’s interesting is the best value for money. Using a propriety tool of Dentsu I’ve discovered that this is a potential target is made of 22M people, equal dived into male and female, with a middle income, over 35 y.o. and married. Basically any (wo)man.

Uncertainty is a virus which men cannot bear. 

- Marcello Florita
, psychologist and psychotherapist

Italiani: senso di paura e pandemia

Source: Covid-19 fear in Italy phase 2 observing preparation
 GroupM, April 2020 

Product Insight
A jacket is the armor which separates us from everything else.


Now more than ever, feeling safe is a necessity. 

The world we live in is more and more dynamic and it asks us to pick a side, to have ideas and answers, to make choices. 

Feeling safe does not only regard external factors, but it also comes from how we approach the world, how we react to its movement and our choice on whether to be transported by it or to be fully conscious of our decisions. 

Knowing, which comes from getting informed and talking with others, becomes the fundamental action to be sure of what we do, what we are, and what we want to become. 


Everyone deserves to feel secured.


To develop tools to face up to the world
we’re living
in by making us feel safe.


Creative direction and strategy: Giulia Mandalà
Copywriter: Tania Loschi

CDP: Reframe Studio
Director: Francesco Quadrelli

Photographer: Claudia Comoni
Assistant: Isabella Ponte

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