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The ask

Working on the digital positioning of the brand, with a focus on the make-up line.

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About the brand

Naj Oleari is a 100% Italian cult brand that became a hit in the 80s. The design has always been its strength. Elegance, good taste, and simplicity create objects of desire. 

Naj Oleari Beauty is ready to make its come back and to tell its new story, with a fun make-up, easy to apply and accessible to everybody, with compositions from Made in Italy excellence. 

The landscape

Beauty has a very competitive landscape; every year, new brands (Italian and non-Italian ones) enter the market. Finding a differentiating positioning can be hard.

The target

Also as a consequence of the market landscape, the brand is now focused on teenagers (15-19 y.o.), but it isn't enough to support the business.


New make-up trends follow two converging paths: one that involves the use of colors, textures, and bold images; the other one that has a make-up/no make-up approach. Both the directions, however, have the common goal of presenting make-up as an expression tool. 

Both these trends need a good self-consciousness, which not so many consumers really possess.

Mainstream approach: PRO

Regardless of price, a wide part of beauty brands in Italy communicates themselves by proposing unrealistic results, with the goal of supporting products' quality and the idea that the tool itself allows for creating great looks, hiding the fact that putting make-up on is an art that you have to learn. 

Sex has no age

Before start working at 21 I thought that adults didn't talk about sex. Now sounds stupid, but I couldn't imagine it was something to discuss with colleagues. I believed that after university, hormones would calm down. It is not so. People are continuing to talk about sex, for sure in their twenties.

Photo Credits: Kiko Milano


Niche approach: ANTI

Following trends, new brands - in terms of age and approach - are supporting the less is more idea, right for a more authentic consumer, who is not a make-up maniac. Two or three products are enough for a full-face; this is an interesting approach, but that's currently meant for a niche audience.

Photo Credits: Espressoh


The concept of lightness is not only linked to the make-up/no make-up one,
rather it is also communicated by the brand's approach to the act of putting makeup on. 

The Cool-fidence

Being sexy is no longer related to others; it is something for themselves.
Sex is a new way to express self-confidence (and to look great!).

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Naj-Oleari Italian Beauty

One of the most critical aspects of beauty does not regard how many products one uses, but it concerns the relationship consumers have with make-up.

In addition to answering functional needs, beauty also answers emotional ones. Therefore, a brand that deals with make-up should take care of its product's performance, while at the same time creating a sense of belonging in the final consumer, whatever addiction level she is in.  

Naj-Oleari Beauty aims at getting its women to identify with the brand: they are everchanging because, through make-up, they play with their image; experimenters because they are ready to try something new; they are not always perfect at all costs, unlike they are often represented; but, most of all, they have fun with make-up. 

Naj-Oleari Beauty takes make-up back to being a tool, an instrument to feel joyful and, as a consequence, beautiful and self-confident.


We believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a smiling person 

Core Proposition

Naj Oleari is make-up as a happiness exercise


Beauty products as joy instruments 


Agency: Apart
Stretegist: Giulia Mandalà

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