42.5% of start-ups
fail for reasons we can 
help you avoid.

Finally, you find me! 

I'm Giulia, a brand and communication strategist Milan based.

Finally, you find me! 

I'm Giulia, a brand and communication strategist Milan based.

Finally, you find me! 

I'm Giulia, a brand and communication strategist Milan based.

Il 42.5%
delle start-up fallisce per motivi che possiamo aiutarti ad evitare.

According to research by Autopsy, among the 10 reasons why start-ups fail can mention as a wrong team, a non-necessity of the market, little marketing investments, and the difficulty of keeping the clients.

Giulia Mandalà Consultancy is a creative strategic consultancy focused on start-ups and SMEs. The agency's mission is to provide businesses with tailored and accessible branding tools, designed to value companies' potential.


People before trends

Big data can teach us about macro trends, but they’re cold, impersonal, and sometimes far from everyday life. That’s
why it’s better to integrate small data research activities, which come from an immersion into the real world. 

Keeping up...

Brands’ world is a fast-paced one. That’s why you always have to be updated with the latest trends and what’s happening in the society we’re living in, in order to find the most meaningful and strong insights.


Tailored projects

Each brand has different needs and goals,
besides a unique identity and starting point. Therefore, we believe there's no perfect structure that is adjustable to every project so we work in a tailored way, both in the approach and in the output.

Creative thinking

Having a creative background has the advantage of allowing to create ready-to-use strategies, that can be integrated into brands' communication in a more easily, concrete and understandable way.

Our services

I nostri servizi

Brand definition

Starting with a complete analysis that includes benchmark and
competitors, macro-trends, and consumer behaviors, we define
territories that are potentially relevant for businesses.
On the basis of these and in a constant exchange with our client, we
shape the brand, identifying purpose, mission, vision, and all the
elements that will be essential to those that will get in touch with the
company to coherently develop all their parts, being them a B2C
the campaign, a sales document, or the annual marketing plan

Care for an example?

Fler. For a shameless world
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Brand review

Sometimes the need to work on the brand comes subsequently to the
launch on the market, even after several years.

In this case, unless the brand needs a strong re-positioning - in which
case, we go back to the brand definition -, we deal with a project that is
more about the refinement and the revision of the brand structure. It is a
particularly delicate work, since it has to offer a clear direction, without
shocking the brand itself and its stakeholders.

Care for an example?

Palm Angels
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Communicating in a relevant way while exclusively focusing on the
product is nowadays basically impossible.

In order to design creative campaigns that work, we take care of
structuring strategic briefs that cross consumer-related insights with - of
course - elements of the product and the brand. To those, we add a
context analysis, covering tensions and macro-trends, that allows the
message to become absolutely relevant.

Care for an example?

Silver Care. Much more than just a toothbrush.
Read the case


Sometimes it is difficult to have a clear idea about how communication
and marketing could support your business. Other times, you could
have a doubt about whether or not the choices you made were actually
functional to your goals.

In these cases, a consultancy session could represent the right tool to
have an external vision of your brand. Together with the presentation of
some best practices and tailored advice on your own business, it can
give a confirmation or it can support the evolution of promotional
activities for your company.

With our consultancy sessions, we also take care of identifying the right
communication goals and selecting and choosing the most suitable
partners, like agencies or production studios.

The consulting rate starts from 150€/hour. 

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Our services are meant both for brands that need a strategic partner and for communications agencies that need vertical support for a single client or on the occasion of a pitch.

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